A tribute to Nolhôttens and its skipper Stellan Johansson.

Stellan Johansson from the Castle in Hamburgsund took the Nolhôtten to Hamburgsund in 1983 to offer archipelago tours to residents and visitors. Stellan was a storyteller of "God's grace" who has put Hamburgsund on the map.

He was one of the first in his genre to combine history and experience with his archipelago tours. The restaurant Nolhôtten was the "hub" of the tourist company Nolhôtten Marin HB, which also consisted of the archipelago boat Nolhôtten and the skipper and storyteller Stellan Johansson. Three businesses in time, an unbeatable business idea that delivered for over 30 years.

A normal 2.5 hour archipelago tour started at Nolhôtten's own dock in Hamburgsund and first went north into the strait and on towards Fjällbacka. Cruised further out into the archipelago and rounded Saltskärskäring and Hamburgö in the south to then come through Slottefjorden from the south and back to the dock in Hamburgsund.

During the archipelago tour, the captain, Stellan Johansson, told about all the known and unknown, Russian and beautiful places with history and tradition in one of Bohuslän's most beautiful and historically rich archipelagos outside Hamburgsund and Fjällbacka.

Nolhôttens left Hamburgsund and its waters that she served with thousands of delighted and satisfied guests for 30 years on September 28, 2017. Both tourists and Hamburgsund residents have missed her since then. There is something we are missing, not least the incomparably unusual recognizable engine sound that was her signature.

At Hamburgsunds Kaj we have placed this boat for play,
to honor both Stellan and Nolhôtten's memory.

Nolhôtten's history.

1947 Ordered by Dampskipsselskapet A/S Torvastad, Haugesund for delivery in spring 1948.

1983 Sold to Stellan Johansson, Slottet, Hamburgsund and renamed Nolhôtten.

1983 When Stellan picked up M/S Torvastad/Nolhôtten in Haugesund, he had to keep her in Haugesund for a day so that the people would have the opportunity to get on board and say goodbye to their passenger boat, which they had traveled with every day for over 30 years. There was a steady stream of visitors all day and with tears in their eyes they patted the boat and thanked for the time that had been.

1983-1984 The boat was rebuilt at Hamburgsund's Slip & Mechanical Workshop to accommodate 50-60 seated guests. (max 97 on board). The entire interior was redone, kitchen, saloon and toilet and the entrance door was moved to the Bb - side. Space for 50-60 pcs. seated guests. Max on board 97 pcs. The hull was painted white from previously being blue and M/S Nolhôtten got its berth at the former A/K Fernström's pier in Hamburgsund. Current terminal for Väderötrafiken.

1985-2017 Archipelago tours in the Hamburgsund and Fjällbacka archipelago for tourists and charter passengers. On a quiet morning on October 28, 2017, Nolhôtten leaves Hamburgsund for the last time, unnoticed and without a "stand bye" according to Stellan's wishes.

2017 Nolhôttens returned to Haugesund where she has regained her former name M/S Torvastad. The new owners intend to have her culturally marked and the plan is that she will eventually undergo a comprehensive restoration.